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Stain Removal

No matter if your rugs or carpets are just heavily soiled or have stubborn stains-we got you covered. Prime Rugs Cleaning will successfully eliminate any drink, food, blood, ink, or any other types of stains using only safe, proved, and efficient stain removal treatments.  


You should be aware that hiring a professional rug cleaning company is crucial in rug stain removal. By using local stores' products, you can cause more harm and damage to your rugs, such as discoloration. 


Prime Rugs Cleaning experts will undergo a complex spot and stain removal process and leave you speechless with the final cleaning results. 

We continually improve our rug cleaning techniques and stain removal methods, so we can guarantee that your rugs and carpets will be treated only with the most advanced cleaning solutions and methods available. 


If you are looking for skilled and qualified area rug or carpet cleaning technicians, then the Prime Rugs Cleaning team of cleaners will provide you with an unrivaled experience and innovation. 

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